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CANDeLeC Industries Shenzhen - CHINA CANDeLeC Energy Shenzhen - CHINA Export Shipping logitic & After Sale service 301, Qinye Building, Xinrui Area 3#, Hourui, Xixiang Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen - CHINA
Administrative 10/05 Goldcrest Executive Tower - PO Box 9867 Dubai - U.A.E. Sales HONG KONG - DUBAI - SPAIN - MOROCCO
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Over 100'000 square meters. 65 senior engineers. Production capacity per year: - Solar panel 200MW - Lithium Battery 50'000 pcs - Hybrid Invertor 200'000 pcs - LED Lighting 5'000'000 pcs (www.candelec.com) - Electric Scooter 50'000pcs Int. Quality Std. (ISO9001)
CANDeLeC International Limited has been created in 2007 by a French German Team to develop and produce High quality LED Lighting. In 2013, CANDeLeC Industry develop Solar LED Lighting products. This experience leads to the creation of the CANDeLeC Energy branch for the production of Solar Panels. In 2014 the R&D Team of CANDeLeC Energy worked on the energy storage by Lithium Battery. Now over 1'200 persons work in the CANDeLeC Group over the world.